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Cities. Savina Akoumianaki


In a crowded city
You have to run – to impose your nonexistence
Otherwise they’ll swallow you
I’m falling down
Into a black black hole
This city does not accept my sorrow
I cannot see my tears dropping down
I cannot taste them
Or they taste of nothing
You are looking for a cursed village
lost somewhere in an unwanted country
Named by the deadly silence of the close by forest
You cannot stay here anymore
The shadows which sun gives to the small hidden path,
The fireworks in the sky next to the lights of a luna park
And a dance under some balcan rythms
All, reminds you of the wrecks of your life
Ruins of another decade
All this wasted life
A journey with no meaning
An Ithacan with no journey
All well locked into an old treasure chest
And you try again to go
And again
But all these roots cannot be cut
The cutting produces new roots
Bigger and stronger
Ropes which tie up your wrists
They keep you here
They attract you
As a magnet attracts pins
The further you are going
The faster you return
With the force of this universal attraction
Like a natural low
And yes here I am again
Walking the same old streets
Sitting on the same rock
Drinking in the same bars
Sitting even in the same old chair
With your name engraved in its wood
Listening to the same music
Telling the same stories
Drinking again
But you still remember
But you still remain here
Trapped in an unknown but familiar world

Savina Akoumianaki

Trazido da Enfermaria 6

(imagem: Jacek Yerka)